Conquer Cancer Board Appointment

Embarking on a New Journey to Conquer Cancer

I am deeply honored to share with you all a significant milestone in my journey of advocacy and contribution to the cancer community. It’s with great pride that I announce my appointment to the Conquer Cancer Board of Directors.

The Mission of Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation

Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation, has been at the forefront of funding transformative research across every cancer type, with the aim to assist every patient, no matter where they are. Since 1984, the foundation’s Grants & Awards program has disbursed over $182 million through more than 8,700 grants and awards. These funds have reached dedicated medical students, residents, fellows, scientists, and oncologists in 88 countries, marking a global impact on the fight against cancer.

Learn more about this great organization at CONQUER.ORG

My Role on the Board of Directors

As a new member of the board, I am eager to contribute to the ongoing efforts to conquer cancer through research and support. The stories of perseverance and the groundbreaking advancements I’ve seen reinforce my commitment to this cause.

Joining Forces with a Passionate Team

I’m excited to work alongside a team that is as passionate about making a difference as I am. Together, we strive to turn the tide against cancer and offer new hope to patients and their families everywhere.

Learn More About Our Mission

For more details about my new role and what the foundation is actively doing to change the landscape of cancer research and treatment, please read the full announcement here.

Read the Full Announcement

I look forward to this new chapter and invite you to join me in supporting Conquer Cancer’s vital mission.


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