Cizzle Bio’s CIZ1B Biomarker Test Chosen for Major US Cancer Study

We are proud to announce a significant milestone for Cizzle Bio, Inc. The CIZ1B biomarker test, developed by Cizzle Biotechnology Holdings PLC, has been selected for a crucial clinical study at a premier US cancer center. This selection underscores the test’s potential to transform early lung cancer detection.

Key Highlights:

  • Study Role: The CIZ1B test is set to validate lung nodules detected by CT scans, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.
  • Strategic Licensing: Cizzle Bio, Inc. holds the exclusive North American rights to develop and market this promising technology.
  • Financial Milestones: The collaboration will generate milestone payments and royalties for Cizzle Biotechnology, securing a sustainable financial future.
  • Future Developments: With the clinical lab registration expected by this September and a full product launch by April 2025, we are on the brink of revolutionizing lung cancer diagnostics.

For more in-depth details on this exciting development, visit Cizzle Bio’s website.

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