We Help You Increase Sales Revenue.

We’ve consistently proven our ability to build a
qualified pipeline and shorten the sales cycle for U.S.
based healthcare companies.

Sales Management

Understand your sales process better and discover the reasons for customer losses. Find out why you didn’t win certain contracts. Have an underperforming territory? We’ll tackle that. Want to check out new markets? We can do that, too.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

A sales cycle, while somewhat unique to each individual sales representative, will show a consistent pattern when analyzed. We’re able to review your sales process, overlay it with your current sales cycle and identify areas that can be modified, eliminated, or added to shorten the overall process. We have done this with nearly every company that we partner with, and consider this as a key to our success.

Build the Right Team

We’ll help you identify which personnel changes need to be made. Do you need a sales executive but aren’t ready to hire yet? We will become an invaluable member of your executive team. Our team of seasoned associates and partners create an instantly available and experienced marketing powerhouse to drive your company to the next level.

New Market Segments

Being close to your product or service is a key to developing, or improving, your offering. It keeps you in tune with potential issues, and allows you to really understand what your everyday customers need and want. But, it can also put up the blinders to additional market or segment opportunities. We can help you think outside the box of your day-to-day customers and identify new opportunities for growth.

Relationship Building

We have immediate connections with healthcare executives. Get connected to the right people. We’ll give you the high-level introductions you need to open new doors. We’re experienced in assisting reps to bring in hundreds of new referral sources.

Close Sales

We will train your team to effectively close sales with a proven process. We get you the right introductions and guide the process to get you to “yes.” We’ve successfully negotiated agreements with large, local, and regional hospital systems, contracts with national HMO’s, and closed contracts with well-known healthcare organizations.

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Developing a Successful, Results-Driven Sales and Marketing Strategy for a Healthcare Provider Company
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